Festival Guide


You're invited to join us online, via Zoom, for ALIFF!

Our attendees are welcome to be part of an online experience, live, and interactive. From panels to screenings, musical performance, and award ceremony, the Azure Lorica International Film Fest is giving every Nominee a chance to represent their work, and connect with filmmakers internationally. 

ALIFF is hosted at the Azure Lorica Summer Gala. 

See details: gala.azurelorica.org

ALIFF | via Zoom.us | RSVP
Aug. 19, 2023 | 11am-6pm | Q&A Filmmakers
Aug. 20, 2023 | 10am-7pm | Q&A Script Readings, Ceremony
Industry & Press Pass: n/a

We encourage our attendees to read the following Rules of Conduct prior to attending.


  • Attendees signing are automatically muted
  • If you are a panelist, or requested to speak, unmute yourself
  • If you have questions for the panelist, type it within the chat box, and your host will help you participate or aid you in background issues
  • Please mute yourself during screenings and live readings
  • During our half-time show, you are encouraged to participate with hand gestures, or any other activity mentioned by our performer
  • You will be recorded, when spotlight on panelist is removed, so please be cautious with your microphone
  • Host has complete control, so any misconduct, intentional or not, will be managed whenever Host sees fit
  • To gain permission to record any Zoom panel or show, you must be an approved Press Pass holder [learn more]
  • Attendees will be sent a link to download the recorded festival, only after the festival is complete
  • Non-Press Pass Attendees are not permitted to publish any downloads publicly
  • All Attendees must understand that many of the films screened at FanFilm Awards may be in circulation at other film festivals
  • Please be respectful, and refrain from using offensive gestures from international cultures