Nominees 2018

Winners in Bold

Best Film

  • Azul [Dominican Republic]
  • Red River [United Kingdom]
  • Killer Smile [China]
  • She Isn't Here [USA]

Best Animation

  • Dictoven [USA]
  • Crushed in Space [USA]
  • Ursa Major [USA]
  • Motion Pictures [USA]

Best Foreign Film

  • Killer Smile [China]
  • Azul [Dominican Republic]
  • Big Earth Hotel California [Germany]
  • Odd Stranger [Brazil]

Best Cinematography

  • Killer Smile [China]
  • Barnyard [Venezuela]
  • Handsome Girl [Germany]
  • Restroom [United Kingdom]

Best Documentary

  • Developing Destination [Nepal]
  • Handsome Girl [Germany]
  • Too Much Stress From My Heart [Italy]
  • Flight Attitude [Italy]

Best Soundtrack

  • RUN [USA]
  • Handsome Girl [Germany]
  • Entangled Minds [USA]
  • Shadows Of Hope [Colombia]

Best Director

  • Kailee Maeda and Michelle Noland for RUN
  • RaphaĆ«l K for I'm Very Close
  • Christopher Razniak for Lola and Elaine
  • Jeetu Rall for Self War

Best Actress

  • Ievgeniia Pavlenko for Photomorgana
  • Liz Sandifer for She Isn't Here
  • Gerri Skeens for Red River
  • Gong Zhe for Killer Smile

Best Actor

  • Joseph Sean-Lyons for Restroom
  • Tom Zidner for Restoom 13
  • Jordan Sangalang for Meet Up
  • Joseph Pena Brown for Azul

Best Screenplay (film)

  • Meet Up by Mark Abramowitz and Dan O'Connor
  • The Other Side Of The Door by Ira Farmer
  • Lola And Elaine by Tia Mayer and Ceren Fitoz
  • Odd Stranger by Beto Oliveira
  • Big Earth by Patrick Merz

Best Script (non-film)

  • Confessions of a College Hustler by Phil Hollins
  • Butterflies In Berlin by Monica Manganelli
  • Ellie's Dad by Jialan Lin
  • Evilin by Tina A. Wake
  • The Summer of the Fawkes in the Sky by Sunny Kallumkai
  • Petit a Petit by Jessi Thind