You're Invited to 2023 Int'l. Film Fest!


We are now open for Registration!

You are invited to attend the 2023 festivities and award ceremony - exclusively on Zoom. Admission to the Q&A are free, but please check for ceremony entry fees, if any, via:

And, to help you stay updated, we encourage you to follow us on Instagram: @azure.lorica

Live Award Ceremony will be hosted at Robinhood, located at:

13640 Burbank Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91401


After the Writers Strike, here in Hollywood, CA, had stalled all productions and promotions, Azure Lorica immediately returned back to its operations. In solidarity, we halted our festival and award ceremony for the sake of the Cast and Crew that supported the Strike by the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA. All actors, writers, and those that followed suit could not promote their works, publicly. And to continue our festival would have gambled whether or not our attending speakers would join us for the Q&A. 

Plenty of Actors and Writers in our festival are not foreign to working internationally. To respect their stance was a respect to their profession. And if not to them, then those that are to come. We love this industry, and handicapping future talents would be a great disservice for audiences and the artists they support.