2023 Int'l Film Fest Trophy

Trophies will be available for pick up, this year!

Azure Lorica is no longer paying for shipment of trophies, due to the past years' lag and wait in shipping the proper awards from our festivals, for our Winners. During the three years of COVID, international rates boomed in price, and our manufacturers working with a skeleton crew could not provide ample service with their usual high quality stock. Taking caution to this issue, Azure Lorica promised to ship all trophies - free of charge. 

It was grueling to constantly exchange low quality trophies for their advertised versions. Festival winners had to anticipate their trophy shipped almost a year after their victory, snuffing what glory our champions could relish...

But now, business has returned to Los Angeles, CA. And the manufacturers have no more excuses. We can, again, provide high quality awards. People have been traveling internationally, and restaurants are completely safe to enjoy, socially.

At last, we can revert back to our usual business. All that has changed is the ceremony venue and remote Actors performing via Zoom. But beyond that, we are clear to proceed.

It is our expectation that some of our Nominees may attend our event, and indulge in our humble hospitality. As a small film festival, we have reached Europe and South America with a touch of a button, and give prestige with a solid prize: a wooden long sword - tough enough for training and sparring, and designed well enough to share and display. An official brass tag completes the affect, and reminds those that read its title that our Champions have contributed to a worthy cause.

We look forward to meeting our attendees online, and hope that some may even come to our award ceremony - here in LA. Until then, break a leg everyone!