ALIFF'22 Program Schedule

You're invited to the Azure Lorica International Film Fest! Admission is free, but you must RSVP to receive your link to the conference online:


The schedule below are of the films screened, and if the production team is available, we will proceed with the Q&A Panel directly after. We do not have Interpreters for the event, so for production teams with difficulty in speaking English, we encourage you bring your own. 

Please enjoy the program: Aug.27th, Pacific Standard Time

10:00AM - Tree House

10:15AM - Coffee Place

10:45AM - The Beginning And The End

11:00AM - Love Hurts Too Much

11:30AM - Repeated Memories

11:45AM - Mom's Heart

12:15PM - Rock Sugar

12:30PM - Certificate

01:00PM - Generation Burnout

01:15PM - India: An Experience

01:30PM - Safe And Unsocial

01:45PM - It's All Written In The Stars

02:15PM - Sorrow

02:30PM - Life

02:45PM - Load

03:00PM - If I Could Choose

03:15PM - Colors

03:45PM - Ave Fenix