The Anchor Broach

It is our honor to introduce the Anchor Broach - the winner's trophy!

Being a foreign film festival, we will be shipping these broaches worldwide. Commemorating the success of each winner, the Azure Lorica International Film Fest represents each winning film with the anchor, a tool for settling foundation, on sea. Ships were the original vehicle of freedom. It gave countries an enterprise for their market, families leverage for fortune, and allies an escape from war. It is our hope that this totem may find its way in as many nations as possible, where Azure Lorica may shake hands with amazing artists and filmmakers - building a beautiful bridge between cultures and perspective.

Each winning film will obtain one certificate and one broach. If the winning film company requires more than one broach, please contact us:

In these unfortunate days, we are grateful that the lack of travel can be replaced with live streaming. And trophies can be shipped. With such dynamic at play, we are humbled by the support of our filmmakers. At which, we wish them the best. Or, as we say in the American entertainment industry: "Break A Leg!"