Returning At Last

After a few years in the archives of Azure Lorica, the International Film Fest has returned to the limelight. Originally called the Eclipse International Film Fest and Aware Fest, we've combined the two beautiful events into the Azure Lorica International Film Fest. 

The concept was held dormant due to the fact that our organization was not ready to start new projects, during the prime years of the Azure Lorica FanFilm Awards. The event was growing, and the community was loving their trophies. But, with the idea of inching indie filmmakers, as opposed to just fanfilm makers to the scene, the niche became a little bigger. And, at the time, the international market didn't need it.

But, due to COVID, everyone became more familiar with online festivals, and we have enjoyed the success of attempting at two this year alone, in 2021. Hence, we've resurrected a few old projects back to life, and this is one of them. 

It's a pleasure to present this festival, as we only had honed in the niche we wanted by Aware Fest. Produced in 2019, after the failure of the Eclipse International Film Fest, Aware Fest was a celebration of mental health awareness. It was a wonderful idea, if only so many festivals weren't doing the same exact thing. The niche was not as inviting, and the competition was fierce. Particularly since the audience was mostly just American Filmmakers. The international market was not ready for such a concept.

Yet, in 2021, as the world is awakening from the pandemic's reign, this festival's theme is more prevalent internationally, and we, at last, are able to bring everyone in on the cause. Asia, Europe, South America, and more - the need to bring awareness to people's mental health is too apparent for those who've survived this worldwide devastation.

With the Azure Lorica International Film Fest, we hope that this can give friends, family, and everyone around their neighborhood insights to maintaining mental health for everyone around them.